5 Wedding Ceremony Videos You Can't Miss

5 Wedding Ceremony Videos You Can't Miss

Chances are that you've seen a memorable wedding entrance video online. Wedding ceremony videos range from the beautiful, to funny, to downright emotional.

Here are a few of our most favourite wedding ceremony videos.

Maria & Ronny Got Married, "The Surprise"

Maria took everyone by surprise at her wedding in Norway, including her groom!  Their wedding went viral across Norway a couple of years ago, and has now made it's way over to North America. Get ready for all the feels!

Miss Liz' Wedding Surprise!

This musical theatre teacher gets an amazing wedding surprise from her students, who were able to keep this secret from her until her wedding! So incredibly sweet!

Dad Surprises Daughter

This father-of-the-bride is normally wheelchair bound.  He went through months of physical therapy, for the sole purpose of surprising her and walking her down the aisle. There wasn't a dry eye in the amongst the guests. Break out the Kleenex for this one.

Wedding Ceremony "Turn Down for What" Flash Mob

It's always great when a couple lets their personality shine through during their ceremony. There are lots of fun flash mob videos during the wedding reception, but this couple and their wedding party surprised their guests with a fun flash mob as part of their ceremony!

Breathtaking Bridal Entrance

This is just absolutely sweet. This groom is so overtaken by the beauty of his bride walking down the aisle that he can no longer contain his emotion.

What are some of your favourite ceremony videos? Please share in the comments below.

5 Must See Wedding Ceremony Videos

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