The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Engagement Photos

The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Engagement Photos

This is an exciting time for you and your fiánce. You have promised to spend the rest of your life with someone you love and are, perhaps, thinking of taking photos of this happy occasion. Chances are, you have never taken professional couple photos before and you may be a little nervous. Maybe you are wondering where to start. Here are some things for you to consider before you take your engagement photos. 

The Who

So many couples get very uncomfortable when a camera is pointed at them. They focus so much on trying to pose and look good in the photo, that they forget to concentrate on their partner. Forget the camera. Forget the thousands of poses you like on Pinterest. Forget about everything else. Focus on the one you love. Flirt, kiss, cuddle, get close, move, touch, laugh, play.... These are real emotions, real moments and the real you we love to capture. Just be yourselves and let us do the rest!

Why You Should Definitely Get Engagement Photos

Couples are always asking me what to wear to photo sessions. It's simple really. Wear something nice that you are comfortable in. If you are uncomfortable and constantly adjusting your clothes, it will show in your photos. So don't over think it. Wear something that you would normally wear. Also, make sure it is clean and wrinkle free. These little "unnoticable" details will show up in your photos. Don't rely on Photoshop to take them out. (See 5 Tips to Help Your Wedding Photographer) Finally, keep in mind that the brighter and more bold the colour of your top, the more that color will reflect on your skintone. Sunlight will actually bounce off of your shirt onto your face, changing the tone of your skin in photos. White and neutral colours help illuminate the face in more complementing ways, so keep that in mind when selecting your wardrobe. 

What should you wear in your engagement photos?

The When

What time of day is the best time to take photos? Just after sunrise or just before sunset. There is a magical time of day I like to call the "golden hour" where the whole world turns into a perfect glow. This is when I love to snap pictures. I don't have to worry about harsh shadows, I don't have to do much post editing and It's usually a little cooler so myself and the couple can be pretty comfortable during the session. Now, most people would prefer not to have to get up super early or take photos too late in the day, but for golden hour..... it's worth it!

What time of day should you take engagement photos?

The Where

Many of my couples are from out of town and do not know the area very well. They ask me for ideas of where to take photos and really, there is so much beauty all around that it's pretty easy to pick a great location! I start by asking them what they have in mind for the look and feel of their photos. Farms, forests, beaches, vineyards, mountains... what type of background do you want? From there I make a few suggestions. I also try to find areas that have shaded areas especially on hot, sunny days. Shade is wonderful for nice, even lighting and great for staying cool when the summer days get super hot. Another aspect I look for is a location that can provide a variety of different backdrops to take photos. But if you have a spot that is meaningful to you, I reccomend using it to make your photos just a little bit more special. 

Where Should You Take Engagement Photos?

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to take professional engagement photos. First, if you are using the same photographer for your wedding day, this is a great time to meet them in person and see how well you work together. Secondly, it's practice for you. See how if feels to be in front of a camera and to take instruction from someone on how to stand and pose for your photos. The more comfortable you are with your photographer, the better your photos will be. Third, if you are planning on using photos of the two of you for invitations or a slideshow at the wedding, these are perfect for that use. (If you are planning on using them for invitations, I suggest taking them 5-6 months before your wedding day.) But the best reason to take engagement photos is to remember this huge step forward in your relationship.

Why You Should Get Engagement Photos

Your engagement can go by so quickly, especially when planning your wedding. So take the time to enjoy this part of your life and make these moments last.

*This blog post was originally published by Something Blue Photography - used with permission

Your Guide to Engagement Photos

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