Should You Tip Your Wedding Vendors?

Should You Tip Your Wedding Vendors?

There are tons of articles out there that give cheat sheets on when, how and what to tip your wedding vendor. With helpful links like these already at your disposal, we wanted to further dive into whether or not you should tip your wedding vendor to begin with.

Keep in mind, tipping vendors like hair stylists, caterers, and musicians is definitely appreciated. We don’t want to say it’s “expected” but think of it as going to get your hair done, going out to eat, or seeing a busker outside… you normally tip these professionals, and it shouldn’t be any different at your wedding.

Here is your helpful guide to tipping your wedding vendors.

Is A Gratuity Already Included?

Before slipping your vendor some cash, take a look at the contract. As a vendor, including a gratuity in their service fee is sometimes a way to avoid tipping awkwardness and confusion. If they already included the gratuity, no tipping is required.

Did The Vendor Go Above And Beyond?

For vendors like your florist, photographer, wedding planner, and transportation, tipping is usually considered optional. If they didn’t include a gratuity in their contract but went above and beyond to make your special day as magical as possible, slipping them a cash tip would be a nice way to thank them for a service well provided.

Is Tipping Appropriate?

In some cases, tipping isn’t exactly the most appropriate option. For example, oftentimes a wedding ceremony officiant won’t accept a tip but would appreciate a donation made to their church. If the officiant is non-denominational and isn’t charging anything, a tip would be considered appropriate.

Can You Afford It?

Weddings are expensive and while tipping is a nice gesture, sometimes it’s simply not in the budget. If you’re wondering what to do if you can’t afford to tip your wedding vendors, there are a few wedding gratuity alternatives to try instead. Sending them nice thank you cards, writing up positive vendor reviews on sites like Yelp, and sending out referrals are all great ways to show your appreciation to your vendors.

Should you Tip Your Wedding Vendor?

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