10 Swoonworthy Instagram Accounts For #weddinginspiration

10 Swoonworthy Instagram Accounts For #weddinginspiration

Oh, Instagram. It’s practically the modern day version of an early 2000’s rom-com starring Kate Hudson. Instead of sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn wishing we were Andie Anderson living the big city life playing romantic games with the Matthew McConaughey’s of the world, we’re scrolling through wedding focused Instagram and Pinterest accounts wishing our weddings could look that nice.

First of all, it can. And we have LOTS of wedding inspiration tips and advice to help you achieve the magical wedding day of your dreams. We love our Instagram account, and try to keep it flowing with tips, ideas and vendors to make your dream day come true.

However, I love a good Insta’ wedding account too. Which is why I’m feeding the beast and telling you my top 10 favourite Instagram accounts who are all about the weddings.

From gorgeous wedding photography and breathtaking bridal gowns to centrepiece décor and flower arrangements, these 10 groups are the definition of #inspiration & #motivation to get planning!

Hint: Instead of looking at them with jealousy, pick pieces about the image that you love the most. Then, try to incorporate the small touches into your own special day for big effect.

#1. Wedding Sparrow

The soft colour palettes in the images and gorgeous photography are enough to make me feel all light-headed! The Wedding Sparrow Instagram account is the definition of romantic. And best of all? Every photo is focused on real weddings to inspire your very own which helps the dream become more realistic.

#2. Martha Stewart Weddings

I can’t not mention Martha Stewart Weddings… she’s Martha Stewart, for crying out loud! If Oprah had a social media platform all about weddings, I’d be posting that here too. Martha obviously knows the right wedding ideas to post on her Instagram account and unsurprisingly, she does it well. I would say the best part of this specific Insta page is her landscape wedding photoshoots. Gorgeous!  

#3. BuzzFeed Weddings

Sometimes a little wedding day humour isn’t such a bad thing, especially since planning for your big day is hella stressful. BuzzFeed provides a healthy mix of beautiful photos, real life insights, and hilarious humour related to getting married. This is a great, light-hearted Instagram account that definitely deserves a follow.

#4. Disney Weddings

I know, I know. I promise the next one will be a lesser-known account, but I couldn’t help myself. I just love Disney! Magic, Micky & Minnie, the castle… it’s just enough to make me melt. No further explanation needed. You should follow Disney Weddings if you like to be happy.

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#5. HOORAY! Mag

You know what I love about this one? It’s totally different than all others. Now that it’s autumn, instead of the soft, romantic colours, we see bold, dark images with a gorgeous contrast. There’s almost a feeling of mystery in the air to the photos. But in the summer it was all pinks, and whites, and greens. The image patterns literally change with the seasons. So unique and extremely inspirational.

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#6. loverly

Their slogan is “wedding planning made simple”. So if you’re a bride and groom, a bride and bride, or a groom and groom being extra careful with the spending, then this is a great Instagram account to follow for budget-friendly wedding ideas. Also, yes – that’s a wall of donuts in the background of the pic. Everyone should have this at their wedding.

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#7. Rocknrollbride

WOW! This Instagram account focuses on beautiful receptions and ceremonies but is totally outside of “societal expectations”. I was scrolling and couldn’t find a single white bridal gown (could you spot one?) Rocknrollbride totally crushes the “traditional wedding” and honestly… I’m here for it!

#8. Ruffled Blog

Bohemian, earth, natural… that’s the vibe I get with Ruffled Blog. It feels like plenty of the inspiration was taken from the outdoors with plenty of rustic décor, earthy green colours, and lacy, traditional gowns. This might just be my fave out of the bunch.

#9. Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Not too extravagant, not too fancy, totally realistic. That’s what I get when I look at this page. Attainable wedding ideas and solutions for the everyday couple. Every image is authentic and every couple looks happy which is how a wedding should be!

#10. Way Out Wedding

Way Out Wedding is a little out there, but super awesome, especially if you’re about to tie the knot and want to do it your own way and nobody else’s. I’d describe it as a rebellious wedding Instagram account. I’m talking glitter lips, tattoos, and completely punk rock. Similar to Rocknrollbride, Way Out Wedding defies traditionalism and inspires for a truly unique wedding.

Top 10 #weddinginspiration Instagram Accounts

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