How To Design The Perfect Wedding Invitations

How To Design The Perfect Wedding Invitations

You’ve created the perfect guest list, taken the most beautiful engagement photos, and now it’s time to create custom wedding invitations. Will you use Adobe Illustrator to design the invitations for free or hire a professional designer who really knows what they’re doing? Considering we work with some amazing calligraphers all over Canada (we can give you some names), we obviously vote for hiring a pro. No matter what you decide to do, here’s what you should keep in mind before sending out those RSVP cards.

Use A Simple Colour Palette

Too much colour looks sloppy and harsh on the eyes, so remember what you learned in school: KISS – keep it simple, Sweetie! Try mixing neutral shades with one bold colour while keeping the text visible. You really want those invites to pop. Use no more than five shades and make sure the majority of the colours used are light; great choices include tan, ivory, and gold.

Wedding invitation palette

Proofread Before Printing

I know you’re anxious to get those invites sent out to your guests but before you do, remember that proof-reading your final design is key to avoiding stationary mistakes you’ll regret. After you’ve read through it, show it to a few close friends or family members and let them look it over. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes on your invitations by taking your time instead of rushing through the process.

Remember: Less Is More

Whether you’re designing your own wedding invitations or sourcing out an expert, never cram your RSVP cards with too many pictures, designs, words, or illustrations. Less really is more, and if you keep the invites simple, you’ll be sending out fresh, modern, and memorable invitations that you’ll feel proud of even long after your big day has ended.

Hire A Designer In Advance

Of course, designing your wedding invitations free of charge would be ideal, but if you want them to look gorgeous, you may want to leave this important task to the experts. This is the best way to reduce wedding planning anxiety by taking on too much. Of course, sending out RSVP cards you’ll be proud of is high on your priority list; know and accept that maybe this is one DIY project you shouldn’t take on yourself. Do your research before hiring anyone; take a look at their portfolio, how much they charge, and if you vibe with their personality. You’ll be working closely with this person, so you want to ensure you’re all on the same page.

Hire a designer for wedding invitations
How to Design Perfect Wedding Invitations

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