The Top 3 Wedding Elements You Cannot Overlook in Planning Your Big Day

The Top 3 Wedding Elements You Cannot Overlook in Planning Your Big Day

We had the opportunity this week to sit down with Sharlene Cunningham, co-owner of Weddings by Evanescents, and discuss the top 3 elements that often get overlooked in wedding planning. First and foremost Sharlene could not emphasize enough the importance of nailing down your wedding timeline. The timeline is the key to ensuring that not only you arrive on time, but that everyone involved knows exactly what is going on, where they need to be, and who is in charge.

As a professional wedding planner Sharlene goes through the timeline with the couple, and typically has it finalized 1-2 weeks before the wedding: “The devil is in the details, you can never be too specific,” she says. For couples who are doing it all themselves without the support of a wedding planner, be sure to include all the “who, what, when and where’s” of all the elements from rehearsals to the end of the night, when you will likely be gone. The timeline should go out to all your vendors and the wedding party, and at the end of the day will save you future stress and reveal any hidden costs.

Wedding planning elements you cannot overlook

The second element that cannot be overlooked when planning your wedding is the cards/card box. The cards and card box are important, especially in today’s culture of gifting money and gift cards over traditional gifts, that if lost or stolen, the couple could be out hundreds to thousands of dollars. Couples need to ensure they are leaving the card care in the hands of someone they trust 100%, as well as someone who will remain sober throughout the night. Never trust the card box to staff of your venue, as they are usually not liable for lost or stolen goods. A common mistake made with the card box is leaving it in the lobby or on the gift table, which is typically off to the side and not highly visible, the cards are then an easy grab. Instead Sharlene recommends that the card box be placed close to the head table, or the center of the dance floor, and should be emptied by the “keeper of the cards” at specific intervals throughout the night, usually every 1-2 hours.

Number three on the list is food throughout the day. Really food seems like a simple enough thing, but in reality it is all too often overlooked, leaving the potential for huge hidden costs come the day of. The wedding day is so busy from the time you get up to that last goodbye, and you will need energy. For yourself and the bridal party you need to be including mealtimes into your timeline (see? a circle back to that all important timeline), because when in the thick of it all come the wedding itself adrenaline will kick in and you may forget to eat. It does not have to be a huge meal plan, but please ensure you have enough food, snacks and water to get you through the entire day. Planning your food ahead of time will save you money, time and unnecessary stress.

Your wedding likely will be the most important event you will ever host, and if you keep these three seemingly small, but actually quite significant, elements in check you can avoid a lot of unnecessary wedding heartache, and just enjoy your BIG DAY like you always dreamt of. A special thank you to Sharlene Cunningham of Weddings by Evanescents for all her expert advice.

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