A Honeymoon for Everyone!

A Honeymoon for Everyone!

Your wedding day will likely be one of the busiest, most emotionally charged days of your life. It’s a day of celebration with family and friends, but the honeymoon, that’s all about you two! And trust us, no matter the size or style of your wedding you will want a honeymoon. So we’ve complied a list of some trending honeymoon destinations for every personality.

Croatia Honeymoon

The Adventurous Couple – Crotia

As a honeymoon destination, Croatia has been a hotspot for years and for all the right reasons. Located in central-south east Europe, Croatia has a difficult history, but as of 2009 and 2013 Croatia has been a part of NATO and the EU, respectively. And with over 1700km of coastline along the Adriatic Sea, and 1000’s of islands and inlets there is no shortage of exploration, backpacking, sailing or anything else you desire. Contact any travel agent and Croatia will be on the top of their recommendations for an unforgettable honeymoon.

Honeymoon in Fiji

The Luxurious Couple – Fiji

Recently, you may have seen pictures of private bungalows floating over crystal clear, turquoise waters trending on social media; chances are you’re looking at FIJI! Fiji is the premiere destination for couples that want an indulgent, luxurious honeymoon with all the bells and whistles. There is no shortage of resorts to choose from on the 333 isles in the south pacific, offering pristine beaches, tropical jungle foliage, and activities galore.

The No Fuss-No Muss Couple – Any Caribbean Destination

The Caribbean has so many amazing destinations to choose from depending on your price point or the activities you desire. Contact a travel agent and they will certainly nail down a customized honeymoon on any one of the island nations. Are you seeking relaxed and secluded luxury, then check out Turks and Caicos; on a budget, but still want to get away and relax together, inquire about Cuba; seeking popular nightlife and amazing beaches, ask about the Dominican Republic. With so much variety, accessible flights and excellent price point a Caribbean honeymoon is the perfect choice for a great getaway.

Honeymoon in Ireland

The Romantic Couple – Ireland

Ireland is not going to give you beaches and sunbathing, or all-inclusive resorts, but you will get rich history, adorable bed and breakfasts and castles galore. Ireland is a small, sparsely populated country with so much to offer the honeymooners seeking something off the beaten track. How does the honeymoon suite in a castle sound; or a cozy bed and breakfast in a quaint village; or perhaps a city escape to Dublin, with plenty of local faire to sample? Ireland has it all! Bonus: You can speak English, but you may want to brush up on the local slang and accent.

Honeymoon in Jasper

The Local Lovers Couple – Jasper

For those of you looking to explore all the adventure our beautiful Canada has to offer, the Rocky Mountains are certainly a treasure to be experienced. Along the Rockies there are plenty of glorious towns and parks to visit, with Banff, AB arguably being the most popular. Now while Banff has so much to offer and is indeed a very popular tourist destination, set your sights a little further north to Jasper, AB for a romantic, rustic, and yet equally as luxurious honeymoon. Jasper has so much to offer with the outstanding scenery and natural wonders all around you, any season, any time of year. One Google search on accommodations will yield a fantastic variety of hotels and lodges to choose from, with the crown jewel being Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. The historic lodge is located on the shores of Lac Beauvert, and many a celebrity, including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have enjoyed a relaxing holiday at “the lodge”. Enjoy a couple’s spa day at the Fairmont Spa, or take the adventure outside and hike up Maligne Canyon. You don’t have to fly 6 hours around the world to have an amazing honeymoon, just look into our own Canadian backyard!

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